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In MafiaDollar each player takes control of a mafia-clan trying to earn as many dollars as possible before the end of the prohibition card appears. To achieve this you will employ gangsters, equip them with item cards and send them out on the streets. With the help of your gangsters you earn dollars by obtaining loot cards and storing them in your warehouses. If the streets are empty, it might be a good time to break into another player's warehouse, or take out a competing gangster. Beware of police cards, however, as they might pop into a player's hand at any time to ruin your day. At the end of the game the clan who banks the most dollars wins!

At the end of the game, the clan who banks the most dollars wins!

173 Playing cards:
30 Gangsters
26 Items
44 Loots
32 Blocks
6 Guard dogs
3 The Don's birthday
18 Warehouses
13 Police cards
1 End of the prohibition
5 Blank cards

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